Our Team


Jeff Abraham owns and operates Eclectic Printing & Design, and oversees day-to-day operations and printing projects. He is actively engaged in every aspect of the printing process – customer service, ordering, and manufacturing. To learn more about Jeff and how he built Eclectic Printing from the ground up, visit the Our Story page.



Isaac has been with Eclectic Printing & Design since the beginning and is their production manager. He oversees all production in the warehouse. Isaac started working for a small print shop in Orange County during college and quickly discovered he had a real knack for it.

Isaac and Jeff are long-time friends, and during college began working print projects together. Not yet having their own equipment, they had to borrowed equipment from other print shops, which meant they had to complete their projects in the middle of the night when the other companies weren’t using them. But they were hardworking and determined, and business took off.

Isaac likes the diversity of Eclectic Printing & Design. “We bring a lot to the table,” he says. Being a fairly young company, “we are still fresh and able to compete with larger companies.” Isaac is proud of EPD’s customer satisfaction. He believes they have grown to the place they are today because they focus not just on quickly outputting large projects – large or small, the team at EPD strives to bring the best quality of work possible to every customer.



Jolie is Jeff’s sister. She has been with the company since its official opening in 2007. As the front office sales manager, Jolie specializes in customer service – she handles walk-ins, calls and emails from customers, inputs orders, and handles accounting, invoicing, and scheduling.

Jolie enjoys working with the team at Eclectic Printing & Design. She also finds fulfillment in helping bring to life customers’ ideas and seeing them happy and proud to showcase their special event, team, business, or school – all made possible by the efforts of the team at EPD.