TrLet's Travel!

  • Jun 30, 2024

Many people crave traveling! It allows us to explore new places and cultures and try new things that we may not have thought to try in our own hometowns. Not to mention, it gives us a break from our daily routine! So, whether you're looking for promos to welcome resort guests to your hotel or something to make traveling a little bit easier for your team, we've got the perfect promo waiting for you! 

Sun Bum Day Tripper Kit 

sun bum kit

Protection from the sun is super important! Extended sun exposure can have lasting consequences, and becoming a lobster on a vacation isn't the best look. Nor is it fun (we speak from experience). Protect your customers from the sun with Sun Bum's Day Tripper Kit! Featuring SPF 30 sunscreen, Cool Down gel (in case of lobsters), and SPF 30 lip balm, you can make sure your customers have fun in the sun while staying protected from harmful UV rays. 

5-3 Charging Kit 

5-3 charging kit

Is it just us, or does it feel like you need a different cord for every device you have every time you travel? Well, this charging kit definitely solves that problem! It comes with a wall charger with three USB charging ports to plug in all the things! It also comes with an additional piece with any type of charger you need—from USB-C to Lightning! 


Ripstop Deluxe Event First Aid Kit 

first aid kit


Don't let a scraped knee or a blister get in the way! Keep your guests protected and your team on the up & up with this first aid kit. It handily clicks on a backpack or travel bag to ensure it's always within reach. 


Carry-All Toiletry Bag 

toiletry bag

Do you have a team that travels a ton and always blows their events or meetings out of the water? Celebrate all of their hard work with a branded toiletry bag! This bag is the perfect solution for those on the go. The top compartment features a clear window for toothbrushes, toothpaste, and mouthwash, with another smaller zippered compartment below and the main compartment for all the big toiletries. 


AeroLOFT™ Anywhere Belt Bag 

anywhere belt bag

Not only are they super hip and trendy, but belt bags are the perfect travel companion! Show off your logo with this gift as your clients jet-set around the world, exploring tradeshows and more. Plus, they come in so many colors that it's hard not to find something you'll love. 

Counsel 5000mAh Mini Power Bank

mini power bank

Raise your hand if you've ever been traveling and had 30% battery left, and you needed it to find out where exactly you're going! This handy little portable charger is the solution to that anxiety. Give your customers and team a little extra boost in battery whenever they need it, wherever they need it. 

Snuggle Memory Foam Neck Pillow

foam neck pillow

Red-eye flights no longer need to be dreaded! This comfy little neck pillow is perfect for those long, tiresome flights. Made from ultra-snuggly plush fabric, it has a carrying bag attached for easy storage and portability. Plus, the drawstring helps keep it around your neck. 

So, whether it's for work or play (or maybe a little bit of both!), these travel promotional products are the perfect way to help your team or clients take to the skies and go on an adventure! Give us a call, browse through our website, or shoot us an email to get started on your next promotional product project!

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