Community Outreach

OpportuniTee provides jobs and mentoring to at-risk and homeless youth and adults in Orange County. These individuals work with Eclectic Printing & Design on a temporary basis as we mentor them, help them develop a professional network, and otherwise prepare them to move on with their careers.

With the help of partners in the local community, we teach our OpportuniTee employees:

  • Life skills – showing up to work on time, looking presentable, etc.
  • Resumé writing
  • Networking
  • Setting goals, developing self-discipline and motivation


OpportuniTee Printing and Design is committed to providing at-risk youth and young adults with an opportunity to gain job placement, training and networking opportunities along with resources for housing, life skills training, workshops and/or classes, education, case management and social recreation.

The aim of OpportuniTee Printing and Design is to provide an additional avenue to alleviate unemployment, lack of job skills training and improve case management within the community.

For more information about OpportuniTee, contact Tony Gonzalez at